A script provides an efficient means to send keystrokes to a PC, encompassing functions such as 'down,' 'up,' 'click,' etc. Each function adheres to a consistent format, exemplified by down(x360_a), where x360_a represents the 'A' button of the Xbox 360 controller. Presently, there are five available functions.

Action Functions

These three action functions correspond directly to their literal meanings for executing keystrokes.


Initiates a button press.


Concludes a button release.


Combines a button press followed by a 30ms delay and concludes with a button release.

The parameters for these functions typically start with the device type and end with the button of that device. For instance, kb_lctrl represents the left ctrl button of the keyboard. There are three listed device types:

  • x360

    • Xbox 360 controller.
    • Valid parameters include x360_up, x360_down, x360_left, x360_right, x360_start, x360_back, x360_ls, x360_rs, x360_lb, x360_rb, x360_guid, x360_a, x360_b, x360_x, x360_y, x360_lt, x360_rt.
  • kb

    • Keyboard.
    • Valid parameters include kb_q, kb_w, kb_w, kb_r, kb_t, kb_y, kb_u, kb_i, kb_o, kb_p, kb_tab, kb_a, kb_s, kb_d, kb_f, kb_g, kb_h, kb_j, kb_k, kb_l, kb_z, kb_x, kb_c, kb_v, kb_b, kb_n, kb_m, kb_enter, kb_lshift, kb_rshift, kb_space, kb_lctrl, kb_rctrl, kb_lalt, kb_ralt, kb_larrow, kb_rarrow, kb_uarrow, kb_darrow, kb_;, kb_,, kb_[, kb_., kb_', kb_/, kb_], kb_\, kb_backquote, kb_`, kb_1, kb_2, kb_3, kb_4, kb_5, kb_6, kb_7, kb_8, kb_9, kb_0, kb_-, kb_=.
  • ms

    • Mouse.
    • Valid parameters are ms_left, ms_mid, ms_right.


The paste command enables you to send the specified text to the PC's text area. For example: paste(monect) will paste 'monect' into the PC's text area.


The sleep command introduces a delay action in milliseconds. For example: sleep(1000) indicates a delay of 1 second.